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Manteno PK-4 Information Portal

Skyward Skyport:  Access to Student Management, Educator Access, Employee Access, Family Access, and Financial Management.  Used by all MCUSD5 staff

Panther Nation Google Apps Portal:  Access to Google apps for staff and students with emails.

Curriculum maps - Manteno CUSD No. 5 Curriculum Management Package from Atlas-Rubicon: Access to grade-level and department curriculum maps - for viewing and/or development depending on access.  Used by all MCUSD5 staff

AIMsWeb:   Access to student data for Reading and Math screenings.  Used by K-4 staff

ESGI:  Access to student assessment package used by kindergarten staff.

MyIIRC:  Access to the Illinois Interactive Report Card.  Access to student ISAT, ACCESS, and IAA data and access to Rising Star continuous school improvement plans.  Used by PK-4 staff.

PBIS Assessment: Access to PBIS surveys and reports administered to PBIS stakeholders. Used by grades PK-4

Illinois PBIS Network: Link to statewide PBIS folder for program assessment tools and resources


Internal Network folders:  Link is only accessible from the internal network. Right-click the purple link and copy the short cut.  Then, paste the shortcut into your browser's address window.  Finally, hit ENTER.

PBIS-U (Green) folderfile://cusd5-s2/Curriculum/PBIS/Universal-green/ES. Contains all PK-4 info.

PBIS-S (Yellow) folder:  file://cusd5-s2/Curriculum/PBIS/Secondary-yellow/ES.  Contains all PK-4 info.

Pre-K shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/PreK

Kindergarten shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/Kdg

1st grade shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/1stGrade

2nd grade shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/2ndGrade

3rd grade shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/3rdGrade

4th grade shared folder:  file://cusd5-s2/4thGrade