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Bullying Handbook -
Posted On:
Friday, May 18, 2012
Created by Manteno Middle School as a Resource

     As we approach summer, kids will spend more time in the neighborhoods with their peers. These interactions can be very rewarding, but they can also lead to negative consequences. To help our parents, Manteno Middle School has made a booklet available on bullying, cyberbullying, and the negative consequences of these behaviors.

     The booklet was created for parents of 4th - 8th grade but all are welcome to view it.   The intent was for parents to read this booklet and discuss the content with their children. The booklet can be downloaded from

     We need your help to teach our children the right way. Specifically, we need your help to eliminate teasing, name calling, and actions meant to embarrass or intimidate others.  We hope this resource is helpful to you.


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