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  Mission Statement  

The mission of the Manteno Public Schools is to provide all students with a safe environment for quality life-long educational experiences.  These experiences shall nurture one's academic, social, emotional and physical needs, enabling all to be productive members of society.

Vision Statement

Our school district and community are committed to high expectations for our students and staff members.  We work collaboratively to provide a dynamic, rigorous, and comprehensive education for all students. Our environment provides a strong culture for learning where students are valued and supported.  Our students are engaged learners who are responsible, respectful and productive problem-solvers prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We acknowledge education as a right and proudly accept responsibility for the learning process that will allow everyone to achieve his or her fullest potential.

  About The School  

Manteno Elementary School is a school servicing a growing community in Kankakee County, IL. The village has a population of 9,300. 

The Elementary School provides education to students in preschool through fourth grade.  Approximately 120 three to five year old students attend our half day preschool program, which is funded in part by the Illinois Preschool for All grant.  In addition, Manteno has hosted a Headstart preschool program, which serves approximately 20 students.  This program is federally funded, and is administered through a cooperative agreement with Kankakee School District 111. 

Manteno Elementary School also serves approximately 700 students in grades kindergarten through four. Though interdisciplinary instruction occurs on a regular basis, our curriculum is based on a solid core of instruction in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Daily interventions outside of core instruction in Reading and Math are provided daily for students in need.  Physical Education, Art and Music are non-core instructional areas students participate in.  Our goal is to provide a good balance between academic rigor and social-emotional support in order to provide a complete education for our students.